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To Steal from a Thief

To Steal from a Thief    

R 96 min CrimeThriller

IMDB: 6.3/10 2,169 votes

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Spain, Argentina, France

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Cien años de perdón (English: To Steal from a Thief) is a Spanish-Argentine thriller film directed by Daniel Calparsoro and written by Jorge Guerricaechevarría. The film had its premiere on March 3, 2016 in Argentina and on March 4, 2016 in Spain.

A group of thieves led by El Uruguayo is set to rob a bank in Valencia. Their purpose is to steal as many safety boxes as possible and then flee through a dug tunnel that connects with an abandoned subway terminal. However, the press officer of the Prime Minister discovers the thieves are actually after politically compromising information deposited by Gonzalo Soriano, a former member of the government. Soriano, is in coma after a severe accident.

The gang’s plans start to go awry as the tunnel is flooded by heavy rain, leaving them with little room for escape. The thieves were recruited by El Uruguayo under the impression this was a plain robbery. But later the heist members know the truth that he was contracted by the governing party to get a box from safe 314 where Soriano kept the data.

Things go further down the hole when Loco messes up twice, by deleting the data from the hard disk retrieved from 314 and under anxiety gives away their cover in an exit. El Gallego and El Uruguayo plan to use the hard disk as a leverage, even though its empty. They negotiate with Mellizo, Security Head from the Spanish secret services. Things don’t seem to go well. Suddenly rain clears and the heist members, under the pretense of coming out through the front door using hostages, escape through the tunnel.

The bank manager who was about to loss her job, is given diamonds by Gallego. Loco provides money stolen to a girl whom he is instantly smitten to solve her financial troubles. Every one from the team goes separate ways with their share. A police personnel involved with the negotiation leaks information to the press about Soriano’s hard disk and the governing party’s involvement.[3]



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To Steal from a Thief
To Steal from a Thief
To Steal from a Thief
To Steal from a Thief
To Steal from a Thief
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