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Hands of Stone

Hands of Stone    

R 111 min Drama

IMDB: 6.6/10 4,861 votes

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Panama, USA

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Hands of Stone is a 2016 biographical sports film about the career of Panamanian former professional boxer Roberto Durán. It is directed and written by Jonathan Jakubowicz. It stars Édgar Ramírez, Robert De Niro, Usher, Ruben Blades, Ellen Barkin, Ana de Armas, Oscar Jaenada and John Turturro. The film premiered at Cannes on May 16, 2016 where it was received with a fifteen minute standing ovation, and was released on August 26, 2016, by The Weinstein Company.[5]

The film follows the life of Panamanian boxing legend Roberto Durán, who made his professional boxing debut in 1968 as a 16-year-old and retired in 2001 at age 49.

During his childhood age, Durán is educated through homeschooling by Chaflan, who teaches him how to survive and then he joins a boxina club with Nestor “Plomo” Quiñones as his coach. As he reaches 20, an American legendary boxing trainer Ray Arcel, who nearly lost his life after being attacked by an unknown assailant in 1953 in New York City and is now living with his wife Stephanie, becomes his coach. He then meets a student Felicidad, with whom he has five children later on.

After his fights through the 70s and 80s with one loss, he challenges the boxer Sugar Ray Leonard, dubbed as the “Fighter of the Year.” However, Durán becomes jealous towards Leonard, describing him as “clown” as he tries to “imitate Muhammad Ali” and “he punches like a girl” and confidently says that he will knock him out. One night, Durán confronts Leonard in front of his wife and insults him by saying he’s a “clown.” The incident cause the frustration of Ray, which Durán did it on purpose because the Americans insulting the people of Panama, remembering how the American armies took over the country by owning the Panama Canal — leading the conflict between the both sides in 1964. In June 1980, the day of fight between Durán and Leonard in which the venue is in Montreal, Durán won via majority decision as a Welterweight Champion (147-147, 145-144, 146-144). After the fight, Leonard states that being insulted is a strategy and calls the rematch with the agreement of $8 million. At the house party, learning from his manager Carlos Eleta, Durán reluctantly agrees the rematch but it is impossible for him to prepare when the fight will be in November. Chaflan is later killed after being hit by a truck.

In November 1980, Durán and Leonard face at the ring for the second time, this time the venue is in New Orleans. But in the eighth round, the people of Panama are shocked when Durán gives up by saying “No más” (English: “No more”) to the referee, thus Leonard wins via technical knockout (68–66, 68–66, and 67–66).

Upon returning home in Panama, he is now being angered and protested. Durán tells to his wife that he regretted for letting them down and needs to go back in fight in order to regain the popularity and forgive him. Due to this incident, Ray is retired from his training and tells Durán that Plomo will be his coach. In June 1983, New York City, the day of his fight against Davey Moore, Leonard gratefully meets Durán for the first time since the rematch, saying that he forgives Durán. He tells him to say sorry to his wife. At the fight with Moore up to the eighth round, now Leonard is now commentator, Durán won via technical knockout, eventually restores his popularity and pride by the people of Panama.

In the film’s epilogue, it states that Plomo was in Durán’s side for each fight until his death in 2012; Leonard and Durán remain friends until now; Ray was the first boxing trainer to be elected to the Boxing Hall of Fame and died in leukemia in 1994 after the six-year battle.


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Hands of Stone
Hands of Stone
Hands of Stone
Hands of Stone
Hands of Stone
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