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400 Days

400 Days    

N/A 91 min MysteryScience FictionThriller

IMDB: 4.5/10 6,781 votes

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400 Days is an independent 2015 American psychological science fiction film written and directed by Matt Osterman, and starring Brandon Routh, Caity Lotz, Ben Feldman, and Dane Cook as astronauts sent on a 400-day-long simulated mission to a distant planet to test the psychological effects of deep space travel. In the United States, the film premiered in theaters, on-demand, and digitally on January 12, 2016.



Four astronauts – Captain Theo Cooper (Routh), Dr. Emily McTier (Lotz), Bug Kieslowski (Feldman) and Cole Dvorak (Cook) – begin a 400-day long simulation on Earth intended to study the long-term effects of space travel.

As their time underground grinds on, the crew begins to deal with extreme psychological effects like paranoia and hallucination. The team settles deeper into their separate spaces, until a disheveled man finds his way into their simulated space ship. After his escape the crew decides to exit and explore the surface world, which they discover is now dark, windy, desolate, forbidding and covered with dust.

After a long walk with minor incidents they discover the town ‘Tranquillity’, which is inhabited and has electricity. A man named Zell (Tom Cavanagh) invites them into his diner and tells them that the moon was struck by an asteroid which created an enormous dust cloud now covering the earth, blocking the sun. Dvorak scoffs at this suggestion, still believing them to be in a simulation and leaves to go to the local bar, followed by the rest of the crew. After a few drinks, Dvorak goes out of the bar with a young woman without telling the others. The three return to the diner where Zell has offered them a place to sleep.

Bug takes first watch duty, but McTier and Cooper wake up alone after some time. When they ask Zell about their missing friends, he insists that Cooper and McTier arrived alone. Suspecting danger, the pair leaves the diner unsuccessfully looking for their friends. They return to the ship and as Cooper closes the entrance hatch, he discovers that they were being followed by Zell and two other men. Cooper and McTier manage to neutralize their attackers and the very moment Zell dies, the 400 days have just passed and they are being informed that the simulation has ended with great success. The entrance hatch opens with bright light shining down. Cooper and McTier grab each other’s hands and anxiously await what happens next as the film ends without conclusion about it.

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400 Days
400 Days
400 Days
400 Days
400 Days
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